Vegetable oil is the primary metabolite of plants and has various benefit for humans. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids is very good for health when compared to saturated fatty acids, beside that vegetable oils also have high phytochemical content. This study aims to extract vegetable oils from various sources such as candlenut, sesame, soybeans, corn and sunflower seeds by sokhlet method and to determine the percentage of the vegetable oil. Extraction was done by sokhletasi with n-hexane as a solvent. The percentage of vegetable oil from five extracted samples was 52.44% for candlenut oil, 34.23% for sesame oil, 48.68% for soybean oil, 36.97% for corn oil, and 69.28% for sunflower seed oil. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the soxhlet method can be used in various types of samples to extract vegetable oil, and the percentage of vegetable oil is quite high ranging from 34% -70%.

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